South Region Academic/Activity Calendar 2016-2017 Grade I-VIII

Term I (l – Vlll)

                                 Events                                                  Days/Date

March 2016

Orientation Day for Parents

4th week of March

April 2016

Commencement of New Academic Year

Monday 4th  

World Health Day (Doctor as a guest speaker in the Special Assembly)

Thursday 7th

Welcome Party(Attach one period with break)

Friday 8th  

Earth Day (Special Assembly/ Earth day Poster competition, co-curricular period)

Friday 22nd

Spring Festival (Funfair-Whole school)

3rd week

Reading week (Whole school)

4th week

May 2016

Labour Day (Special Assembly)

Monday 2nd

Elections for Student Council ( VIII-X to be conducted in co-curricular period)


Pet day (Class I-V, utilize co-curricular period)

2nd week

Mothers’ Day (Special Assembly)


Creative Writing Competition (I-VIII to be conducted in English/Urdu period)

3rd week

School Based Calligraphy Competition (I-VIII to be conducted in co-curricular period)

4th week

Intra-School Debates (Urdu/English VI-VIII)

Saturday 21st

Intra-School Speech Contest (Urdu/English I-V)

Saturday 21st

Summer Bash class l-lll (Water Activities to be conducted in games period)

4th week

Parent Teacher Meeting/distribution of Summer Packs

Saturday 28th

June – August 2016

Summer Vacation

Wednesday 1st June- Friday 29th   July

School reopens after summer vacation

Monday 1st August

Independence Day Celebration (Special Assembly)

2nd week of August

September 2016

English/Urdu Essay Writing Competition (to be conducted in English/Urdu period)

1st week

Parent Teacher Meeting

Saturday 3rd

Defence Day (Special Assembly with reference to 6thSeptember 1965 war)

Monday 5th

Grand Parents Day (One hour before Off time for planned activities I-V)

2nd week

Death Anniversary of Quaid-e-Azam (Special Assembly with reference to 11th September)

Friday 9th

Cluster wise Debate/ Speech Contest (Urdu/English I-VIII)

3rd Week  

*Eid ul Azha (Holidays)

*Monday 12th –Tuesday 13th

Revision for Mid-Year Examination

Monday 26th – Friday 30th  

October 2016

Mid-Year Examination

Monday 3rd –Tuesday 18th

*Aashura-e-Muharram (Holidays)

*Monday 10- Tuesday 11th

Term II Wednesday 19th October

**Global Dignity Day (Extended Assembly & Celebrations)

**Friday 21st

English/Urdu Spelling Competition (l-V to be conducted in English / Urdu period)

4th week

Teachers’ Day (Special Assembly)

4th week

Result Day (Whole school)

Friday 28th

November 2016

Iqbal Day Celebration (After Break-Baait bazi, Mushaira, quiz III-VIII)

Wednesday 9th  

Change to winter timing/uniform

2nd week

English/Urdu handwriting Competition (class l-V to be conducted in English/Urdu period)

2nd week

Universal Children’s Day (Special Assembly)

Friday 18th

Regional Level Speech Contest (Urdu/English I-V)

Saturday 19th

Regional Level Debates (Urdu/English VI-VIII)

Saturday 19th

Educational Field Trips (As per security conditions)

4th week

December 2016

Annual Sports Day Rehearsal (whole school)

Friday 2nd

Annual Sports Day (whole school)

Saturday 3rd

Shah Abdul Latif Day (Assembly presentations)

Thursday 8th

* Eid Milad-un-Nabi PBUH (Holiday)        

*Friday 9th

International Human Rights Day (Special Assembly)

Monday 12th

Milad-un-Nabi PBUH celebrations (Qiraat, Naat, Quiz)

2nd week

Mental Math Competition (I-V to be conducted in Math Period)

Monday 12th

Quaid-e-Azam Day Celebrations with reference to 25th December (Special Assembly)

Wednesday 21st

Winter Break

Thursday 22nd - Friday 30th

January 2017

School reopens after Winter break

Monday 2nd

National Level Debate (Urdu/English VI-X)

Saturday 14th

National Level Speech (Urdu/English I-V)

Saturday 14th

Knowledge fair (Science /S.Studies, quiz, projects & exhibition -whole school ) & Parent Teacher meeting

Saturday 28th

February 2017

Cleanliness Day (utilize co-curricular lesson for planned activities)

Wednesday 1st

Kashmir day (Special Assembly)

Friday 3rd

Newspaper reading week

3rd week

Quiz based on the week’s reading of the newspapers

Wednesday 22nd

Feb/March 2017

Revision for End of Year Examination

Monday 27th February - Friday 3rd March

End of Year Examination

Monday 6th – Friday 17th March

Preparation of result and Progress Report

             3rd & 4th week

Result Day / Prize Distribution

Friday 31st March

Commencement of New Academic Year 2017-18         Monday 3rd April 2017

* Subject to the appearance of the Moon.

** On October 14th, The EDUCATORS will celebrate Global Dignity Day. Extended Assembly should be conducted after the Exam time. A wide range of inspirational activities maybe organized for students to develop awareness and understanding of the universal rights of every human being to lead a dignified life. An extended assembly maybe conducted after exam time.


  • There is no Mid-Year or End of Year Examination for Classes I to III according to ‘THE EDUCATORS’ Assessment Policy. They will be tested through the assessments which the Head Office will provide.
  • In addition to the activities / events suggested above, Network Associates / School Heads may organize any other co-curricular activities.
  • All the activities mentioned in the Academic Calendar are “suggested” activities. The School Head/NWA may   however conduct these as per convenience.
  • Regions must follow the Academic Calendar in true spirit. In case of any emergenciesor government declared holidays, the Regional Office will direct/guide schools accordingly.